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Utica was plagued this week with three shootings and Utica's Mayor, Robert Palmieri, was nowhere to be found...well, until yesterday morning, when in PR mode was attending the opening of a new business...

On any other given day, the arrogant, condesending, disconnected, disingenuous  Mayor can be found in the public's view picking up a shovel or a rake, posing for the cameras as he sweeps Utica's streets.....like putting a bandaid on an amputation.

We have serious, serious concerns in this city, most concerning ... quality of life issues.

Yesterday it was announced that a Shots Fired meeting would take place at the Thea Bowman house. After 20 minutes of looking for the meeting, which was held at a location unfamiliar to most as being a Thea Bowman facility, myself and three cars of other concerned citizens, left the Thea Bowman facility...

I wandered to City Hall where a gentleman informed me as to where the meeting was being held....sure enough, as I entered in the middle of a woman speaking, it was clear the lack of information as to the exact location of the meeting was surely to discourage any opponent of the Mayor from attending.

At the first opportunity, I grabbed the mic and voiced my concerns....first addressing the Mayor's non-response to my numerous phone calls..but that's par for the course from the arrogant, smug incompetent leader of a failing city.

The second concern is getting this young police force in a position of trust among the community so information will be exchanged in an effort to solve crimes and build a respectable relationship with its people.

You can't walk around with your chest pumped out wearing a badge, expecting respect when you lack common communication skills....it's not going to happen.

These officers need to build a repore, they need to get their asses out of their patrol cars, off their cell phones while on duty, and talk to street people who know exactly what is happening in the street.....that means prostitutes, drug addicts and all undesirables in our world, but hold the pulse of the city in the palm of their hands and are essential in the law enforcement community in fighting crime and solving cases.



Working on another case...this time, perverting Christianity by local non-profits. But wanted you to be aware that the domestic issue has been resolved, not because law enforcement took the initiative to do so, but rather as the  result of perserverance and fighting a battle of wits...we won!

More on this later.




My kind of guy......Chris Gordon ...as he takes on Marlene Brown, director of the Children's Museum.  Guess Ring Around the Rosey may be the appropriate game to play....AND THEY ALL FALL DOWN!!

More to come!

No!! It can't be...Children Museum Director with
Non profit scammer Pat Laino...tell me it's not so!!



It started early this morning when convicted hostage taker and burglar called the grandmother of two children demanding that the children of his mentally challenged girlfriend be brought back to their mother, after spending a peaceful, safe weekend with gramma, threatening to bash her brains in and to kill her if the kids weren't returned...(remember he is not related to these children).

The mother totally brainwashed and drugged by this convicted criminal, (as substantiated by the results of a drug test), had to be somehow coaxed out of the house for her own protection.

 Now after she volunteered to come with family members, and placed at a safe haven, the convicted scumbag decides to go to St. Elizabeth's Hospital, via the UPD's special limousine service, something like call-a-cab. Once delivered there, he had an employee call the girlfriend's phone telling her he left the stove on. Concerned that 1. he intentionally left the gas on, which may have caused a hazardous situation, 2. it may have been a ploy to get his girlfriend back,, the landlord and I decided to call for a peace officer to meet her at the home, along with a locksmith.

Needless to say, the same old script was recited. ."it's not a police matter"..yada, yada yada..always an argument to have them act as public servants,,, let alone the simplicity of a peace officer.

Finally able to convince them to send a car and they did...and Officer Shitty Disposition wasted no time reiterating that the situation was a civil matter and not a police matter....yada, yada, yada..

Locks were changed, family out of harms way.....and a lot of information that could very well take this case out of our UPD's jurisdiction.....horray..we get to deal with real live cops who put away bad guys.....oh, and the scumbag was surprised when he returned to the house and couldn't gain access...guess when he calls UPD to get his belongings...we'll have to resort to telling them,....tough luck scumbag..it's a civil matter....

MORE ON THE DANGEROUS CONVICTED HOSTAGE TAKER...but remember averting another potential hostage situation is not the concern of our police department!


We hear all the bullshit in the city, the touchy-feely domestic abuse awareness stuff. This City promotes their concern for those victimized by domestic abuse, because it looks good on their resume and in their portfolio when running for office, but the fact remains,  they read on this blog what is going on and phone calls are made to the Utica Police Department to an investigator, who once knocked on the door of the new victim, but they have failed to act....nonfeasance is what I call it..kind of like the Joe Longo case.

Today, another phone call was placed to the UPD, hoping to reach an investigator, but to no avail.  It's Sunday, investigators don't work on Sunday...but as my father use to say, criminals don't drop everything on a Sunday to go to church...criminal activity continues with no regard as to what day it is.

While officers earlier eluded to resorting to nuisance abatement, to halt the calls to the police department, I say, if they were doing their jobs, they wouldn't have to continue to return to answer these calls.....nonfeasance is what I call it, pure and simple...a failure to act!

We have a seasoned criminal, whose threats or actions may have contributed to the death of a man, defrauding a mentally challenged woman by coersing her into making large credit card purchases, then selling the purchased items on the street, endangering the welfare of the children, and nothing is being done..

Round two.....



When there's opportunity, the means and a motive ......the perfect storm exists for nefarious acts...

No, I'm not Sherlock Holmes, nor do I pretend to be, but when you have a gentle soul, a man with a mental deficiency,  who may have stood in the way of a noted scumbag procuring monies from the family he loved, mix that with documented episodes and convictions of burglary and violence...then you may have a legitimate reason to revisit the death of a man found frozen to death on a freezing day in December, in North Utica, wandering aimlessly with nowhere to go.

I'd bet my life on it that my theory is plausable....asking UPD to follow the lead ..that gut feeling that brought UPD investigators to knock on doors....maybe you knocked on the wrong door, but you're on the trail, Investigator Smith.




This morning I received phone calls from both Mayor Palmieri and Chief Williams in response to last night's alleged domestic incident.

 While domestic violence is characterized under New York State's Penal Law, as meeting specific criteria, the fact remains that not all incidents of domestic violence rests soley on the visability of marks, bruises or other physical indicators..mental abuse, is also a form of domestic abuse and is impossible to identify at first glance, but is just as important.

After speaking with Chief Williams and Mayor Palmieri this morning, I am confortable in saying that according to Chief Williams account as to how the situation was handled last evening, based soley upon documented police reports, reviewed by the Chief this morning, responding officers appeared to have handled the incident properly.  In stating that, I am relying ONLY on what was conveyed by Chief Williams, after he reviewed the reports, some of which were in total contrast to what was articulated to both myself and a family member last evening by law enforcement as the situation unfolded.

The fact that Robert Adams, a convicted felon who was sentenced on charges ranging from kidnapping to burglary, according to New York State's Doc's website, lends credence to the fact that he's a career criminal with bad intentions, and motives beyond comprehension to those of whom are mentally challenged.

The game seems to be victimizing vulnerable people, seeking them out, isolating them, manipulating them, invoking fear then gaining access to their monetary assets; bank accounts and/or credit cards by coercion.

Look I'm not an expert, and I believe in innocent until proven guilty, but utilizing my God given talent, it doesn't take a genius to figure out what the hell is happening when charges on a credit card spike since the alleged victimizer comes into the picture.

A lot occured today, working in the direction to eradicate this demon and to prepare a safe haven for the kids involved, but I have a suggestion and I hope Chief Williams takes it under advisement.

Domestic violence experts should accompany law enforcement on calls such as these, so that their expertise could shed some light on issues that law enforcement may not have knowledge of..and working hand-in-hand...this community will be more effective in protecting our most vulnerable...especially the innocent children, caught in the middle.

FROM THE NEW YORK STATE DOC's WEBSITE: just one of three convictions.

99B1611  Inmate NameADAMS, ROBERT W JR  SexMALE  Date of Birth10/19/1969  Race / EthnicityWHITE  Custody StatusDISCHARGED  Housing / Releasing FacilityFRANKLIN  Date Received (Original)08/09/1999  Date Received (Current)12/17/2007  Admission Type County of CommitmentONEIDA  Latest Release Date / Type (Released Inmates Only)10/29/10 DISCH - MAXIMUM EXPIRATION  Crimes of ConvictionIf all 4 crime fields contain data, there may be additional crimes not shown here. In this case, the crimes shown here are those with the longest sentences.As of 03/13/14CrimeClassATT KIDNAPPING 2ND  C      


Update to come.

Response by both Mayor Palmieri and Chief Williams satisfies this writer's concerns that investigation done by  responding police officers was sufficient as per Chief Williams review.....or not?


It's out of character for me to react or criticized law enforcement, mainly because my father was an investigator for the New York State Police and respecting their authority was the norm, but tonight the response to a problem involving the safety and welfare of two children in this community, was unacceptable.

I received a phone call this evening with someone needing help with a very volatile situation.  The names of those involved shall remain confidential, but the alleged perpetrator will be exposed.

Robert Adams

Here's a criminal, a man with a violent record who, is not only taking advantage of a vulnerable, mentally challenged woman with two children, under the age of ten, but yanked one of the children out of the grip of a family member trying to protect the child, and in doing so banged her head on the wall causing the child to cry while being dragged up the stairs.

The first call to the Utica Police Department Department rendered unsubstantiated as to any form of domestic violence, while also informing complainant that a call to CPS would be unfruitful, for they would call them to respond and they were already there and found the claims unsubstantiated....

After seeking my assistance, I personally placed a call to the Utica Police Department requesting that they go back to the scene of the alleged violent act perpetrated against this child for further investigation of the incident, and was told by the officer answering the phone, who upon numerous requests, would not identify himself, but later learned it was Officer Candy, that there was nothing that could be done.  Requesting to speak with the officer in charge, I was then transferred to Captain Kuhn...Captain Kangaroo would have been more effective.

He eluded to the fact that officers were on the scene....yeah, (after a demand was made to the previous officer who tried desperately to dismiss the incident as unfounded). Kuhn was condescending, arrogant and was offended by my unwillingness to accept his rhetoric.  Raising my voice, was objectionable..he definitely met his match in the area of criminal procedure,.... the nerve of a taxpayer paying his salary challenging their ineptness..their sloppy police work, their lack of concern.....public servant....failing to serve the public!!!

Further inquiry by a family member to Kuhn resulted in being hung up on, when on the other line, I spoke up during the conversation. Calls were placed to the Mayor's home who had retired for the night....awaiting his return call in the morning.

Another call was placed to the highest law enforcement office in the county, the Sheriff's dispatch, hoping they could compel the UPD to check on the welfare of the children.  That call was met with professionalism.

It's not like I'm so bored that I have nothing to do at 10 o'clock at night..there was a major concern after learning of the alleged perpetrator's violent background, that family members were told by UPD that they were aware of. My concern and the concern of family members were the children....

The lack of concern and the handling of this incident was disgraceful to say the least. The family was told one more incident or phone call to the UPD would result in nuisance abatement.  So is that how this administration handles the lack of police officers..threatening nuisance abatement?

I placed a call to Chief Williams and left word on his voicemail.  The unprofessionalism of his police department is a major, major concern.

Questioning alleged victims, children especially, in front of their alleged perpetrator demonstrates a total lack of common sense.  What child, just having their head hit against the wall while being dragged up the stairs out of the grip of their loving, trusted, family member will verbally articulate the truth about their alleged abuser?

What is wrong with these officers....send them back to the academy...they aren't badge worthy...but let me tell you.....the burden is on this administration...something happens to these children...it's because they were left unprotected by law enforcement in this community who had the authority to do something other then close their eyes ad walk away!

Here's the background of the alleged perpetrator. You decide if it warranted a family's concern!

Utica, NY (WIBX) – Utica Police have arrested a Utica man on three active warrants.
41-year old Robert Adams was taken into custody on Monday.
The arrest warrants stem from a March 6th incident at “That Place” on Bleecker Street.
Police say Adams is accused of pinning a bar employee against the wall, placing a knife to his throat and threatening to gouge his eyes out.
Adams is also accused of kicking the employee in the knee.
He’s charged with menacing, assault and criminal possession of a weapon.

Read More: Utica Man Arrested On Three Outstanding Warrants | http://wibx950.com/utica-man-arrested-on-three-outstanding-warrants/?trackback=tsmclip



Potholes and bullshit! Seems to be the norm...http://potholekillers.com/?p=515u



Two beautiful babies died in this fire:
Eleven days later, mom, Jessica Morinitti and boyfriend, Brandon Hill tie the knot at a City Hall ceremony....



LIAR, LIAR pants on fire! Kudos to Don Dudley of WUTR for exposing Utica's Mayor Rob Palmieri, as he stated the crime rates in the community were down from last year, his statistics, pulled from his ass, were controverted by anchorman Dudley.

About time we had a media source willing to expose the lies, that are more often than not, propagated to the community, by our elected officials.

Trying desperately to get this blog up and running again, for there are other issues of concern. Taking priority...the spillage of diesel fuel in our Harbor.....

Let's just say Palmieri missed the boat on covering this up......little by little the heat is on...I love to see him squirm.





The day after confirmation of baby's identity found in Mohawk River, the
mother, Amy Warney, swaps spit with new boyfriend.

As law enforcement continue to investigate the murder of baby Levon Wameling, whose tiny remains were discovered in the Mohawk River weeks ago, based on a tip, it's important to question the timeline and the actions of both parents.

On Saturday, September 21st, the Onondaga Coroner's Office confirmed that the remains of a tiny infant recovered from the toxic-infested-murky waters of the Mohawk River were those of Levon Wameling, who is alleged to have disappeared after the father, Jevon Wameling, left him unattended on the porch of his home, while trying to gain access to his apartment as a result of locking himself out.

The timeline to me has always been problematic. Baby Levon's mother, Amy Warney leaves me to wonder what participation she had in the disappearance...for her actions are duly suspect; the timing of her stay at a rehab, her numerous statements to the media asking for the public's help in finding her missing baby so that "she could put him to rest", and among other things, her actions, during the period of his disappearance, and more recently her new love affair, just a day after the remains were confirmed to be that of her little baby.

Her facebook page is closed, but to those who have access, her actions defy all normality!  The baby, is assumed to have laid on the bottom of the filthy river, housed in a container for months...God only knows the condition of the baby's body when brave law enforcement dredged that container out of the murky water and opened it to find the tiny remains, but Amy obviously went unaffected as confirmation identifying the remains as that of her son, was followed by pictures posted on her Facebook page, shortly after.

I want to throw up!  I'm sure you'll find them just as repulsive!  Her timeline, her involvement, needs to be looked at very carefully....she's not the grieving mother that the media is portraying...she too, in my opinion, knows more than she's eluding to. Disgusting to say the least!





Apparently the felony hearing of Jevon Wameling was waived today..there was a lot of changes in attorneys and I couldn't keep up, not being near my computer.




I just got off the phone with Chief Williams who addressed the concerns that I conveyed to him from the community's perspective.

First, Chief Williams explained to me why the Utica Police Department never charged Jevon Wameling with endangering the welfare of a child, or any other charge that would have seemed appropriate at the time.  His explanation was plausible and I agree with his rationale for not doing so.

If the Utica Police Department had charged Jevon with any charge associated with his story that the baby was left on the porch of his home, then they would have been agreeing that the story had validity, and at a later date, if and when a trial ensued, it would have been established that his story was credible, leaving them to deal with that defense theory.

The second point brought up to Chief Williams, was the possibility that any information gained by law enforcement related to the case, (in which it is alleged that Jevon is the son of one of their detectives), may be shared, compromising the integrity of the investigation of baby Levon. Chief Williams assured me that all safeguards have been implemented, including putting the Detective out on leave, through the duration of the case.

Chief Williams explained that there are many law enforcement agencies assisting in the handling of this case, reviewed by the investigators of the Center for Missing and Exploited Children and the Department has exceeded the expectations of the criteria during that review.

I am comfortable at this point in time, knowing that we have discussed the community's concerns.  Chief Williams did not compromise the integrity of the investigation, and never shared any information with me.

We will be watching to ensure justice is served on the perpetrator(s) of this horrific ordeal and hope that justice will be served at God's Speed.  


Look, I'm not out to disparage the hard working law enforcement officers on this case...I'm only looking at it from an outside perspective.

We need a fresh pair of eyes looking over the investigation, who can re-examine what information has been obtained and re-interview those parties that are close to the subjects of that investigation.

We need it now. You only get one chance to present a case...I'm concerned...I want justice for this baby...I don't want sloppy work jeopardizing the only chance to see that justice is served.

Levon deserves that much!





On July 1, 2013 I posted the following article relating to the missing boat at the home of Jevon Wameling's mother's home on Church Street in Marcy....

Here we are months later to find out that the baby was at the bottom of the Mohawk River. I'd be checking that boat for trace evidence, that would be the first place to look.  My theory.... that boat may have been used to dispose of that precious baby's body.

Here's the article I posted (it could also be found if you scroll down the page.):
Boatless trailer on July 1, 2013

Boat and trailer parked in Jevon Wameling's mother's
driveway sometime in the fall 

Searching continued in the area of Javon Wameling's mother's home today on Church Road in Marcy, New York, in the case of missing 9 month-old Levon Wameling.  

It was evident that law enforcement and cooperating agencies participated as vehicles carrying their insignia were very much in view.  Environmental Protection Agency had their vehicles there along with New York State Police SUV's, Forest Rangers and unmarked vans that may have been those belonging to Federal law enforcement agencies.

There were a couple things of interest that I spotted, a boat-less trailer parked in the driveway, and what appeared to be grid-like marking close to the road and maybe 20 feet into a wooded area, adjacent to the property belonging to Javon's mother.  Just some observations, ...not drawing any conclusions.




As we sit and drink our coffee this morning and tend to our normal routine, a baby lies on a slab in the Medical Examiner's office, as they probe his tiny body for clues as to the cause of death and the manner of death.

I'm sick! The thought of finding this angel in the murky, toxic filled waters of the Mohawk River, makes me want to vomit! First and foremost, the New York State Police needs to be commended on their tireless efforts.  Thank God for seasoned investigators who stayed focused, who effectively used their interrogation techniques which may have rendered information that lead to the discovery of the remains of a tiny infant, (unconfirmed, but most likely those of Levon Wameling), whose expert divers were able to locate the container that housed the remains, and most importantly, never got involved in the political media sensationalism that followed finding the remains.

I have concerns what the outcome of this investigation will be. Certainly,.not on the part of the State Police's investigation, because without question it appears as though they have done their jobs, when no one was looking; arresting the father on unrelated charges that allowed them to hold him and interrogate him, which may have ultimately lead them to the location and recovery of the remains.... but primarily based on the comments made by Chief Mark Williams as he held a press conference.  

As we view the press conference, Williams, on more than one occasion, made clear that "first and foremost" and at the "very least" the finding of these remains, if in fact they are of baby Levon, "will bring closure to the family."  Huh...interesting.  That's first and foremost?  Bringing closure?  I would think that first and foremost would be to locate the baby and be able to meticulously examine what may be crucial evidence leading to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrator. Isn't that the function of law enforcement?  

The second comment by Williams that I found disturbing was his inference that he was unable to give a timeline of when charges will be filed.  When the question was posed by the media, his response, " I can't give a time frame when charges MAY OR MAY NOT EVEN BE FILED", again putting emphasis on the fact that he is "hopeful, at the very least, on upon identifying the remains, that we can bring closure to the family.."  In my opinion, not very convincing....nor is identifying the remains as closure to a case...unless of course, it is the end of the case.  Closure to me would mean, bringing to justice the perpetrator and making sure that justice was served. In my opinion, we are far from closure...we have a lot of work to do to get to this stage.

Ok, granted ...perhaps the remains are so badly decomposed that gathering crucial evidence is problematic....but it's my theory, that if the State Police were successful in extracting critical information that led to the discovery of the remains, the investigation continues.  What law enforcement in the jurisdiction chooses to do, is another story.  

I pray, that the relationship between a Utica Police Investigator and the father of the missing baby, does not impede justice being served, but I also pray that the UPD has not closed their eyes to the fact that others may be involved.

We are aware that Jevon did not own a car.  It is rumored that the canister that housed the baby's remains,(again, if in fact, the remains are that of Levon), contained bricks to weight down the canister.  Questions still remain: how did he transport a canister of weight to the location?  Were there other parties involved in carrying out the dumping of the baby's body? 

But, we have another problem.  Innocent until proven guilty is what our criminal justice system is founded on..and so be it.  With that in mind, and a comment found on a facebook page that is so damaging,( and assumed to be written by the mother of missing Levon), that on any level would open the door for further inquiry as to her participation.  This investigation is hardly over, in my book anyway.

Following Levon's mother's activities and posts on Facebook, it appears as though she was upset with the fact that Jevon, (the baby's father) was in a relationship with another woman. The Facebook garage sale page, as previously posted, shows baby Levon's belongings being sold, under her name, prior to the report of the baby's disappearance. But nothing peeks my interest more than her statement on August 13th, when a post appeared stating that Jevon was set up so law enforcement could "get him".  What was she referring to?  Set up on the disappearance?  Set up on the burglary charge? Set up in the death of baby Levon? Did she have knowledge? Did she have someone assist him in the act?

Many times during her interviews she spoke of the baby in past terms.  Her comment, "I just want to put him to rest," was certainly indicative of having knowledge that he was deceased even when there was no evidence pointing in that direction.

I think the statement (below), speaks volumes and we cannot discount it, we cannot ignore it...IT IS CRITICAL!! 

Found on Levon Wameling-Missing Baby Facebook page on August 13, @ 7:15pm p.s.(other posts on the Levon Wameling-Missing Baby Facebook page, indicate that the writer is that of the mother of missing baby, Levon, Amy Warney).

 Just so every one noes i set jevon up so the FBI could get him to day. he still aint talkin. and i will be goin to the DA office tomorrow to see what i can do to put him in jail



Boat-less trailor in the driveway of Javon Wameling's Mother's home today
on Church Road in Marcy, New York
Searching continued in the area of Javon Wameling's mother's home today on Church Road in Marcy, New York, in the case of missing 9 month-old Levon Wameling.  

It was evident that law enforcement and cooperating agencies participated as vehicles carrying their insignia were very much in view.  Environmental Protection Agency had their vehicles there along with New York State Police SUV's, Forest Rangers and unmarked vans that may have been those belonging to Federal law enforcement agencies.

There were a couple things of interest that I spotted, a boat-less trailer parked in the driveway, and what appeared to be grid-like marking close to the road and maybe 20 feet into a wooded area, adjacent to the property belonging to Javon's mother.  Just some observations, ...not drawing any conclusions.

Image from Google map of Javon Wameling's Mother's home on Church Road
in Marcy, where the boat is on the trailer.  Not sure of when this photo was taken, but
the color of the foliage would appear to be sometime in the fall. 



Within a short period of time after the disappearance of missing 9 month-old Levon Wameling, I received a phone call from a confidential source informing me that the mother of another child who had died while she was dating Levon's father, Javon Wameling, wanted to make known comments made by Javon to her during their dating tenure, that would indicate that he not only had the propensity for violence, but also a plan to "kill her" and "bury her near his mothers house where no one would find her", if in fact she decided to leave him.

This, in addition to the frustration of not being successful in having law enforcement re-open the 7 year-old case of her 10 day-old baby's death,( after hearing the suspicious disappearance of Levon, under the father's care), the mother contacted me, and asked for me to intervene. She also stated that the story could be told on this blog, but she asked that her identity remain anonymous.  I promised her complete anonymity. I stuck to my promise.

I spoke to her in great detail.  She brought me through the heartbreak of losing her child, and shared the autopsy report findings that indicated the baby had died while in bed with her and Javon.  She was concerned because she remembers that she placed the baby in the bassinet next to her bed but not in her bed when she went to sleep that night. 

She told me of the day that she was terrorized by Javon.  She was at work when she broke to Javon the news that she was not coming home, that she was breaking up with him. As she left work that night, and upon getting in her car and starting it, she alleges that Javon was hiding in the trunk of the car, kicked out the backseat and attacked her.

This, in addition to her allegation that he said he would "kill her and bury her near his mother's house and no one would find her," caused me much concern and I prompted her to speak with the FBI and tell them what she had confided in me, because it could be valuable information with regard to missing Levon. I asked her numerous times, in different ways, to make sure I was hearing her correctly.

After little coaxing, she agreed to speak to the FBI.  Her concern remained the opening of the case of her little 10-day old baby, but she agreed to tell them exactly what she had conveyed to me.  I placed a call to the local FBI office, with her permission, giving them her name and contact number.  She agreed to meet with them, according to her .

Shortly thereafter, I spoke to her and she conveyed that she had accompanied an FBI agent and an Investigator from the Utica Police Department to an area near Lavon's mother's house in Marcy, where both she and Levon frequented riding trails on their four-wheeler.  

There were, according to her, some places of interest, including a structure that housed a pavillion, where they often unscrewed the encompassing "dome-like" covering to gain access and "party."

There were other points of interest that she articulated, that I am not sharing for I don't want to impede or interfere with their ongoing investigation.

I believe that today's search, was in part, based on information given to them by the mother of the deceased 10 day-old baby who has since recanted her deep concern to reopen the case, and also stating that she did not believe that Javon had any part in the death of her baby, as per WIBX's interview. 

While I continue to hold dearly the promise of confidentiality in withholding her identification, she has since gone public, giving interviews to local media stations.  Now the questions remain,...how credible is she and what was her intent, if not to reopen the case of her newborn? And why did she go  into such great detail on his propensity for violence and then renig and state that she doesn't think he played any part in her newborns death...Just what was her intent?  Was it the fifteen minutes of fame that she was craving, or does she really have something that law enforcement can hang their hat on?



Human trafficking...never would anyone believe that people in the Mohawk Valley are involved in what some may consider trafficking that only occurs in other places around the world.

We let our kids play, thinking they are safe and removed from the vile acts of predators, but in recent days, the case of missing Levon Wameling may just be a reminder that our kids are not safe, they are not exempt, they are targets for every predator that seeks to victimize an innocent child.

Not knowing the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of the 9 month old, we can only speculate that something as horrific has happened to the baby, because the father's story is not plausible...and in most cases if a story doesn't make sense it most likely isn't true.

Where is Levon?  The question still remains and we can only pray, that where ever he is ..God is watching over him, because his parents failed to do so....

Still sick to my stomach over it....and I know others are too.




UTICA -- At a press conference in Oneida on Friday, state police and child welfare officials are talked about this week's arrests of nine people in an investigation of a sex trafficking ring in Central New York.  State Police investigators say they believe there are eight to ten more female victims who were used as prostitutes.  They are not all underage, although investigators say it's likely they started when they were  younger runaways.
Troopers and representatives of the Oneida County Child Advocacy Center were present at the press conference.
On Wednesday, three people from the Utica area, were accused of using the online classified advertising site Backpage.com to advertise throughout the Northeast for sex with an underage victim.
Siblings Lynette Tilden and Edward Tilden and another woman, Alexandria Davall, are charged with felony trafficking. Two additional men were charged with rape, two others with endangering the welfare of a child and another two of engaging in a criminal sex act.
The case involved a 16-year-old girl who was a runaway and returned to the Utica area in February. Oneida County District Attorney Scott McNamara said on Thursday that a taxi driver, Jakeem E. Penn, brought the girl to Duvall who then introduced the girl to prostitution in exchange for room and board. McNamara said the girl was then sold to the Tildens who marketed her on Backpage.com. 
Officials say Lynette Tilden and Alexandria Davall also advertised themselves on Backpage.com and would set up dates with the girl under their names. The trio is accused of running the sex trafficking ring beyond Central New York including places along the east coast such as Albany, New York City, Connecticut and Florida.
Officials say two of the others who were arrested, Rosheen A. Brooks and Michael J. Curcio, supplied drugs to Lynette Tilden and Davall, in exchange of sex. The women forcibly gave the 16-year-old girl the drugs.
Troopers but urged anyone who was a victim or knows of other victims to come forward.
Officials say that they believe there are more victims.



The father of missing Levon Wameling is irritated with the Utica Police Department's calling off of the foot search for the baby.....are you freaken kidding me!

This bunch of drug addicted, irresponsible, conniving,  criminally negligent parents, who have done nothing but sit on their porch drinking their 40 ozs, since the disappearance of their baby,  have the nerve to be irritated?

Get off your drug induced asses and get your friends and family to help walk the streets, like you do any other day or night as you seek out your drug of choice, and go look for your kid!

To be honest with you, you're both the perfect candidates for sterilization for you don't have a clue how to parent, how to act responsible, how to get a job, how to stay clean, how to watch and protect your own kids.  You are a product of your environment and the community will for generations, subsidize your existence here, for you'll never amount to anything and the cycle of neglect and abuse will continue until you either die from a drug overdose or run into someone that's not tolerant of your  con games and put an end to it all.

Clean up!  Sober up! Leave each other because you are both enablers, whose only purpose in life is to suck the system dry while ripping off people to support your bad habits.

I, like many in the community are disgusted, have a hard time looking at either of you, knowing that your first priority wasn't Levon....you haven't fooled us, and it's getting to the point of nauseum  that this city, including dignitaries, have abandoned you ....you did it, clean it up, get off your lazy drug induced asses and get your baby back, because you know exactly what happened and where he is!


I'M the first one to criticize law enforcement when I think they are slacking, doing things that may be viewed as unethical, and certainly don't hold back on any unsolicited comments regarding anything they do, but those close to the case of missing baby Levon Wameling need to do more to assist law enforcement in finding the baby now that the foot search has come to a halt.

Do I think law enforcement aggressively searched the area..no...I think they could have gotten out on the street earlier, but I don't think that the delay in any way impeded the effort to find the baby, simply because the baby is and was not in the East Utica area, and that was just a place to start. 

The family of Levon Wameling can't sit on the porch drinking their 40 oz bottles of Old Milwaukee and expect that without their assistance the baby will be found.  The lies have to stop, someone needs to come forward because the missing pieces of the puzzle are in their hands.

TO THE PARENTS: Another bit of advice, while you're spouting how good of a parent you are, how you would search high and low for your missing baby, you haven't done a damn thing to assist, using the excuse that you've hung out for the purpose of eliciting information. WRONG!  That's just an excuse for both of you to get back to your old habit, engaging in old drug activity, for that is what your relationship with each other is and will continue to be until you both gain control of your lives and take care of your kids.

Both of you are culpable for the baby's disappearance.  Amy because she was engaged in criminal activity and leaving the baby with whomever at the time was willing to "watch" him. Well, you reap what you sow, and the sad part about it, you're not the one suffering... your baby is....all because of your irresponsible actions, and Javon's, too.

Grow up, keep your legs closed, and do something with your life so that the cycle of ghetto living, abuse, and neglect is eradicated.  I see generations of ghetto.  I see generations of drug abuse and neglect.  I see the continuance of a lifetime in and out of jail to feed your habit, and I see your other children who will suffer because of your actions, so don't complain because law enforcement has changed their mode of operation, because they owe you nothing..it's about little Levon...no one gives a shit about you or the baby's father.



Baby Levon's father "extremely irritated" by UPD decision to stop search

UTICA, N.Y. (WKTV) - The father of a missing infant speaks out after police decide to call off the search.

Nine-month-old Levon Wameling went missing from the front porch of 748 jay street on May 29.

His father Jevon Wameling and grandparents didn't report the infant missing until two weeks later. Since then, intensive, daily searches of the neighborhood with dogs and helicopters turned up nothing.

Utica Police decided to call off the search Friday.

"I'm extremely irritated with the whole thing," Wameling said. "They stop every day at 6 p.m. and now they've stopped the search. I'm going to need a lot of help to get it going again. I don't understand why it needs to stop."

Utica Police Public Information Officer, sergeant Steve Hauck said:
"For 9 days we searched with helicopters, dogs and dozens of people. every day for 9 days, and we're convinced there's nothing there that's going to lead us to this child. At this point, any future searches are going to be based upon evidence developed thru the investigation. "



Now doing some research on the relationship between this scumbag and Amy...I'll keep you posted.

Home » US Counties » New York » Herkimer County, NY » Terry Warney » Official Records
 This Official Record was collected from a Law Enforcement agency on 5/26/2013.
Not the Terry Warney you were looking for? Click here to search for other Terry Warney

Terry Warney

Mugshots.com ID59033245
EthnicityNot Hispanic
Height5′ 7″ (1.70 m)
Weight128 lb (58 kg)
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBrown
Corr. LensYES
Offender Id32683
Risk Level2
DesignationNo Designation Applies
Last NameFirst NameMiddle Name
Current Vehicles:
Lic. Plate No.StateVehicle YearMake/ModelColor
GCZ8506New York2001Dodge NeonBurgundy/Maroon
DateArresting AgencyVictim Sex/Age
Dec 10, 2007NYSP Violent Crime Analysis Program (VICAP)Female , 13 Years
PL130.30DF2Rape-2nd Degree
Offense Information:
Offense DescriptionRelationship to victimWeapon usedForce usedComputer usedPornography involved
Deviate Sexual IntercourseSexual IntercourseUnknownNo weapon usedThreat
CategoryLocation Name and StreetCityCounty/CountryStateZip
RES805 HALL RDCOLD BROOKHerkimerNew York13324


I think the calling off of the foot search for missing Levon Wameling is very telling...and may just be the thing we need to expand this search.

The foot search of the surrounding area means that law enforcement were relying on the information that was given to them by Javon Wameling, the father of the missing baby, however, they may have other information that is taking them outside of the 1/2 mile perimeter since the investigation is still open and active.

Now..to wait and see...everyone was very comfortable with the limited search, saturating the East Utica area...maybe now...some may become very uncomfortable....


I think it's imperative that we revisit the timeline in the case of missing Levon Wameling and I'll tell you why. I'm not privy to information that law enforcement has gathered that will refute my theory...but it's a theory.

I want proof that baby Levon Wameling was alive after May 9th...and I want someone outside the circle of Amy's friends and family to bring forth that information because May 9th is a critical date. 

On May 9th, Amy was locked up. Amy's excuse is that she tested dirty, marijuana in her urine was what led to her incarceration, but it's just another lie. She was previously arrested with others in a check fraud scheme back in 2010 which is a clear indication that her drug problem was much more than smoking a couple blunts. You don't run a check scheme to buy weed. http://www.wktv.com/news/crime-reports/Five-arrested-in-counterfeit-check-scheme-106698453.html 
Mug shot of Amy Warney for arrest on
check fraud scheme, about a year

I learned through research that Amy was incarcerated on May 9th the same day her friend, Amanda Paige's brother, and text book psychopath, Marcus Antonio Cacilhas was incarcerated for Grand Larceny 4th. Remember, he's the one who was arrested for drowning his mother's cat in her bathroom sink.

Amy's friend Amanda Paige had an entry on her facebook page stating that her bff, her hubby and her brother were arrested..they were on a mission,  were they desperate for drug money?  Where they trying to get money to buy the baby back and it fell through when they got arrested, with no other means to pay off the baby debt?  I'm just speculating but, grand larceny 4th means the criminal act was in excess of $1,000.00 It's been documented on Marcus'  facebook postings that he engaged in drug use: one such example is this: "chillin with don chris and mike, high as fuck...im fucked up dude" or "i need some drugs.i'm just to sober right now."

Things aren't adding up..

Amy lied about why she was incarcerated on May 9th. She gave no indication that she was arrested along side her friend's brother, who was arrested for grand larceny. Was she a participant in that criminal act? 

Amy conjured up a "fake tip note", one that she said a woman, without uttering a word, had dropped off at her friend's house when she wasn't there and left, but the note had a number written on it...one that Amy admits to writing...it was in the same colored pencil.
Fake "tip" note

Amy said she was in constant contact with the father during her incarceration and subsequent stay at the rehabilitation center but when alleged to have been told by the father that the baby was at his mother's house, she never attempted to call there....her excuse, she didn't have the mother's phone number.

Amy on or about April 23rd was selling baby articles on Facebook's garage sale page.

Neighbors while stating a baby was heard crying on or about May 28th or 29th had not indicated they saw the baby or that the baby crying was even little Levon.

The downstairs tenant stated that arguing and noise stopped on May 9th, when Amy moved out. Truth of the matter is Amy was incarcerated, ...and what were they fighting about prior to that date?

Amy's friends and family state that they all, at one point, watched Levon during her period of incarceration and in-house rehabilitation stay... no one clearly knowing the timeline and most of which are conflicting stories.

Amy's friend contacted the UPD stating that while passing out flyers, both he and Amy came across a woman who saw another woman wheeling Levon in a carriage, a week ago. She gave the group who convened in the park to search, an account of that conversation, yet moments later when talking to police, in our presence, gave a conflicting story. She never contacted the police when in the presence of that woman and the house that she indicated the woman lived in ..is non-existent.

Amy stated that the baby was cited at the home of the grandparents, (Javon's parents) dressed as a little girl outside playing.

And there is more troubling factitious accounts, too numerous to mention, spewed from a mother, who lacks affect, who hasn't shed a tear, and who parades around as though the disappearance of little Levon, is not a disappearance, but rather a plea to get the baby back, "dead or alive" so she can "put him to rest". Words, that defy any logic, to any mother who holds on to the hopes that a missing child would be returned.

I'm concerned that Amy is moreso involved in the disappearance than the father. I'm convinced that her constant contact with Javon, who is alleged to have lost the baby, is to maintain control of Javon and his account of what happened to the baby, so that she is not implicated.....

Add all this to the fact that Amy was planning to give her son up for adoption at the time of his birth, while the father, in his interview, said it was the best thing he had done in his life, indicates to me, that Amy had a disconnect with the baby from the get-go.

I am convinced that Javon's brief interview on the local news channel is sincere...the baby is lost..his body language indicates so....I believe that he is protecting Amy, and I'm not a body language expert, but as a mother, I have a gut instinct that this investigation should turn its attention to Amy, her whereabouts prior to the arrest on May 9th, her actions, and her words that just don't add up!.